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Spotlight on Grassmarket

Edinburgh’s Grassmarket is located at the foot of the south side of Edinburgh Castle, it was originally designed to accommodate the horse and cattle markets in Edinburgh between 1477 right un until 1911 when the last of the cattle trading was moved to Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange. Cattle would be brought to market from the local fields along the aptly named Cowgate. It would be no surprise to all those avid Edinburgh Festival goers that the Udderbelly venues are so well placed in and around the Grassmarket’s Cowgate!

Here is a stunning picture of the southside of Edinburgh Castle as taken by our very own VieAmhor Victoria hanging out of the office window this morning! She couldn’t believe that there was not a cloud in the sky and managed to get this lovely picture using her iPhone!

As well as the cattle market and more famously known the Grassmarket was the setting for all of Edinburgh public executions with the last one being carried out in 1784. James Andrews was the last person executed in Edinburgh this way on the 4th of February 1784.

One of the most famous hangings in the Grassmarket was that of Maggie Dickson who was hanged in 1728 for murdering her own baby. After the public hanging she was taken down and transported back to her home town of Musselburgh in a coffin only to wake up half way there. The wording of Scots law at that time stated that as she had been hanged she had served her punishment. This was good news for Maggie who was allowed to live her life without retrial. It was after this that the words ‘until dead’ were added to the sentence of hanging! To Maggies memory we still have the pub named after her in the Grassmarket, Maggie Dickson is worth a visit – even just to see if you can see her ghost – known as half hanged Maggie!

Our Grassmarket Edinburgh Apartments make the perfect base for a Self Catering stay in Edinburgh and the opportunity to explore this magical area with tons of history and even more myth! Relax in our Studio Edinburgh Apartment, styled like an Edinburgh Hotel room with the benefit of a full kitchen with integrated appliances. This spacious Apartment in Edinburgh sleeps 2 people in the luxury Super king bed with a further 2 being accommodated on the double sofa bed. If you want to eat out and soak up the locals then this is the perfect Edinburgh Apartment.With the famous Olde Jocks pie shop right outside the front door you don’t have to look far for the best Scottish breakfast in the Grassmarket, and trust me I know. With our VieAmhor Edinburgh Apartment HQ across the road I have tried all the local eateries seeking the best breakfasts to set me up for the day! If you (unlike me) fancy something a little healthier for breakfast then look no further than Hula again on the doorstep of your Edinburgh Apartment you will find fresh fruit, smoothies or a salmon bagel to get you going.

Dinner is an easy choice for me in the Grassmarket, Maison Bleu on VictoriaStreet! Only a 3 minute walk from the Grassmarket Edinburgh Apartment and directly below our Victoria Terrace Edinburgh Apartment this authentic French restaurant has it all. Although family run, this restaurant has a real cosmopolitan feel about it and a real hit with locals and tourists alike.

My recommendation is start off with the Scallops and black pudding, followed by their fillet steak and béarnaise washed down with a large glass of Malbec.

If you need a little more space than the studio but like the sound of what’s on offer down in the Grassmarket then look no further than our 2 bedroom Edinburgh Apartment on the other side of the road. This spacious 2 bedroom Grassmarket Apartment has 2 double bedrooms, a spa shower room and best of all a stunning view of the south side of Edinburgh Castle. This Edinburgh Apartment is a great base for families needing a bit more space than the one bedroom Edinburgh apartments provides, or groups of friends wishing to stay together instead of booking 2 Edinburgh Hotel rooms. For the price savvy travellers booking an Edinburgh Apartment normally works out a lot less than booking an Edinburgh Hotel for the same number of people. You get a lot more with an Edinburgh Apartment as well. Our VieAmhor Apartments are all hand-picked to offer the best in location, history and experience and to top that all off you have the dedicated VieAmhor HQ staff to look after your every need!

Once the poor area of Edinburgh, the Grassmarket has now become one of the more trendy parts of town attracting tourists, students and business travellers alike. There are tons of great pubs and restaurants right along the main drag of the Grassmarket. On a nice day this is one of the best areas to come with all the local pubs encouraged use the pedestrian area as additional seating giving this Historic old part of town a real European feel.

We are very lucky to have our VieAmhor Edinburgh Apartment offices at 39 Grassmarket in one of the older buildings on the west side of the Grassmarket. Not only are we just a hop,skip and a jump away if any of our guest need us but we also get to gaze at Edinburgh Castle from our desk, enjoy listening to the local buskers and tour bus operators when our windows are open and slip across the road to the White Hart in for a glass of wine after work! Our office block was previously used by Heriot Watt University and before that Heriot Brewary but we don’t know who our original owners and occupiers were, and indeed if they have evr left the building. Only in the late evenings when everyone else has gone home do we hear footsteps and bumping and often wonder if the original owners are still watching over us?


Written by Amanda Brown

Amanda, Director of VieAmhor, is a local Edinburgher through and through. Amanda spends her weekends dining out, drinking cocktails and hanging with her three boys (the four-legged, furry variety).

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