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Advocates Close Edinburgh Spotlight

Edinburgh is famous for the small winding streets and courtyards of the Old Town joining the Royal Mile to Princes Street Gardens. There are around … closes in the Old Town and this is still changing. The closes are normally named after memorable occupants who once lived in the flats down these Edinburgh Closes or overlooking the courtyards and this is case with Advocates Close

The term Close itself is a Scottish word for Alleyway although you can see some of them also knows as entries, courts and wynds.

Back when these alleyways were names a close was private property and therefore gated, hence closed to the public, whereas a wynd was an open through way usually wide enough for a horse and cart. Today of course although a number of these Edinburgh Closes are now open and create a steep through road down from the Royal Mile to Prices Street Gardens below. A number of Edinburgh Closes are no longer accessible as they are underground, but there is one well known exception to this and that is Edinburgh famous Mary Kings Close. Although completely underground you can go down and take the tour and see how people used to live in the 17th century and also lean about the histories, traditions, the banning of Christmas and of course the bubonic plague that wiped out 90,000 people in the Leith area of Edinburgh in the years around 1645.

VieAmhor Edinburgh Apartments - Advocates Close Royal Mile

Advocates Close is a very famous Edinburgh Close, located on Edinburgh’s High street directly opposite St Giles Cathedral. The famous occupant of this close was Sir James Stuart who was the first Advocate of Scotland serving in this role between 1692 and 1713. This Edinburgh Close can also be known as Stewart’s Close or Provost Stewart’s Close or Sir James Stewart’s Close but was formerly known as Cants Close, one of several closes to carry this name because some of the property on the close was owned by the Cants of Liberton. It was common for the Closes to change names throughout the years as their residents changed. Advocates Close has at some point in history been also know as Home’s Close probably after John Home who was a resident in 1635 and even before this know as Clements Cor’s Close going back to 1590.

Advocates Close as it is now know is going through another development to the bottom of the close. A mixed use development by Chris Stewart is currently developing a number of Advocates Closes’ existing historic buildings and giving them a new lease of life. This new development has 3 restaurants, two office units, 17 serviced apartments and 11 apartments for sale.As part of the Advocates Close regeneration project Chris Stewart has secured a 25 year lease from the Italian restaurant Zizzi.

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Amidst all this history and regeneration lies our aptly named Advocates Close Apartment. This stunning VieAmhor Edinburgh apartment is so steeped in history it makes a wonderful base for your holiday in Edinburgh. Set on the Royal Mile its walking distance to all the tourist attraction, Scottish restaurants and traditional pubs but tucked quietly away down this Edinburgh Close to ensure privacy and a quiet night’s sleep for all who visit.

Naturally this VieAmhor Edinburgh Apartment is very popular and books up quickly with visitors from all over the world booking to stay in this amazing VieAmhor Edinburgh Apartment. With summer lurking round the corner the bookings are coming in quickly for this Apartment in Edinburgh so I suggest you book this one up quickly and come and experience the special vibe of Advocates Close for yourself!

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Written by Amanda Brown

Amanda, Director of VieAmhor, is a local Edinburgher through and through. Amanda spends her weekends dining out, drinking cocktails and hanging with her three boys (the four-legged, furry variety).

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