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Edinburgh International Film Festival 2013 Preview

4375561676_a4ebc96825 As the title suggests, the Edinburgh International Film Festival is an annual event that showcases some of the year’s most exciting new films. Its programme always includes a range of films, from those starring local talent to those that are particularly innovative or highly anticipated.

While EIFF often includes films that have made their mark in other recent film festivals (i.e. Cannes or Tribeca), it also hosts global and UK premieres, giving Edinburgh audiences the chance to screen some of the year’s best films first.

Some of the most notable films that have premiered at EIFF include ‘Little Miss Sunshine’, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, ‘Man on Wire’, ‘Billy Elliot’, ‘The Hurt Locker’ and ‘Brave’.

When is it?

This year, the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2013 will take place 19 – 30 June.

Where is it?

Films will be shown in venues across the city. This year’s venues include: Cineworld, Dominion, Festival Theatre, Filmhouse, Inspace Gallery, Odeon Wester Hailes, Stills Gallery and the Traverse Theatre.

What are some noteworthy films showing this year?

  • The Bling Ring

Sofia Coppola’s much-talked-about take on the celebrity-obsessed crime ring that targeted Hollywood’s hottest young residents in 2008/2009 has arrived in Edinburgh for its UK premiere. While the film has critics divided, its sensational story, as well as Emma Waston’s transformation from innocent Hermione to rebellious Nicki will surely draw in audiences.

  • Frances Ha

The latest from writer/director Noah Baumbach (‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’, ‘The Squid and the Whale’), ‘Frances Ha’ has been hailed by critics as endearing, charming and inspired. More than the film itself, the film’s star and co-writer Greta Gerwig’s performance is being hailed as a triumph.

Watch the trailer

  • The Great Hip Hop Hoax

When EIFF began in 1947 it was originally a documentary film festival. Though it’s since opened its doors to all types of films, it’s carried on the tradition by showing some fantastic documentaries over the years. ‘The Great Hip Hop Hoax’, a particularly enticing documentary coming to EIFF this year, tells the story of how an up-and-coming hip hop duo fooled everybody into believing they were two California homeboys (when, in fact, they hailed from right here in Scotland). The film’s successful premiere at South by Southwest and its incredible story make it a must-see at this year’s Film Festival.

Watch the trailer

For a glimpse at all EIFF 2013 has to offer, check out their preview reel below:

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Image by crystalmartel via Flickr

Written by Margaret Kay

Originally hailing from Seattle, Margaret has called Edinburgh home for just over four years. A freelance writer, she spends her time hopping from coffee shop to coffee shop – enjoying every angle of this stunning city along the way.

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