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3 Day Trips From Edinburgh

Whilst Edinburgh is bursting at the seams with incredible attractions and amazing historical landmarks it’s also what’s outside the city that has equal appeal and getting away from the city for a day trip can give you another taste of Scotland if you are here on a holiday.

If this sounds good to you why not learn about 3 easy to get to places to get to from Edinburgh city centre by Chrystal our resident Edinburgh travel blogger.

South Queensferry: Incredible Bridges


At just 10 miles from Edinburgh city centre and easily accessible by car, train and bus, South Queensferry is a great destination for a day or an afternoon. Bordering the Firth of Forth, the area is best known for being home to the impressive Forth Rail Bridge. Other great ways to pass the time in South Queensferry include viewing the 15th century St Mary’s Episcopal Church, eating at one of the waterfront eateries like The Boathouse or Orocco Pier and visiting the fascinating Inchcolm island on the maid of the forth.

Getting there by public transport – take the train from Waverly or Haymarket to Dalmeny and then it is a ten minute walk to South Queensferry.

North Berwick: Bird Watching in the Lothians


One of the most common day trips out of Edinburgh is heading to North Berwick. Those who have a car can make the journey of 25 miles in less than an hour, and the scenery along the way is quite beautiful. Without a car, you will definitely want to hop aboard a a train, which makes the journey in 33 minutes thanks to speeds of up to 90 miles per hour.

Once you arrive in North Berwick, there is no shortage of things to do, see and explore. For those who enjoy birdwatching, a highlight of North Berwick will almost certainly be the Scottish Seabird Centre, which is open daily and allows visitors the chance to view birds like puffins, kittwakes, razorbills and so much more. Telescopes look straight out to Bass Rock, a large gannet colony that you have to see to believe. If this interests you, there is even the possibility to take a boat trip right out to the rock colony and back in under an hour.

Day trippers should also visit Tantallon Castle, a remarkable 14th century fortress located on a cliff overlooking the sea.

Getting there by public transport – take the train from Waverly or Haymarket to North Berwick and then it is a ten minute walk to South Queensferry.

Cramond Island: Walk to a New Island

Although Cramond Island is just six miles from the city centre of Edinburgh, it can feel like an entirely separate world. You won’t find flocks of tourists here, but Edinburgh locals know that this area is an amazing spot to get away from it all. Cramond Island is almost a mile away from the mainland, but you can actually walk to it during certain tides. When the water is low, a secret paved pathway is visible, and you can head over to the island with little difficulty. At high tide, however, the pathway is covered in water and the island looks remote in the heart of the sea. This is a lovely activity for both children and adults who want to escape the crowds of Edinburgh for a day, but it is important to pay attention to the signs detailing the times of the tides to avoid getting stuck on Cramond Island.

Getting there by public transport – take the 41 bus from Edinburgh city centre to Cramond village.

Edinburgh is a fabulous city worth exploring for several days, but it can also serve as a base for a number of exciting trips in the region. Why not check out our great weekend deals!

Written by Amanda Brown

Amanda, Director of VieAmhor, is a local Edinburgher through and through. Amanda spends her weekends dining out, drinking cocktails and hanging with her three boys (the four-legged, furry variety).

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