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Flash Sale! Edinburgh City Break £60 a Night

At VieAmhor, we want you to live like a local in Edinburgh and enjoy an affordable luxury experience. That’s why we regularly post limited-time offers on our charming Edinburgh apartments. Hot off the press, here’s the latest holiday deal we’ve cooked up for you:

Lucky Liquor Co – Dry January Cocktail

For those of us who have tried to keep January a dry month but have failed then fear not! We have been asking bars in Edinburgh what they think would be the ideal healthier alternative to a glass of wine or beer. So in the last few days in the month (or anytime really!) why not try one out. This is our top pick which you can try at Lucky Liquor Co!

Top Cocktail Bars in Edinburgh For Hen Party Crowds

If you are coming to Edinburgh for a hen party, then a night of drinking is almost certainly on the cards and Edinburgh has hundreds of bars offering lots of different types of nights out to suit a wide variety of tastes. We may not be able to plan your entire night out, but we certainly have some ideas where you can get the party started. Here is a list of some of the top bars in Edinburgh that are great for a hen party cocktail!

10 Reasons to Visit Edinburgh in 2014

As the year of ‘Homecoming Scotland’, 2014 is a particularly special time to visit Edinburgh. Whether Scottish by blood, or simply Scottish in spirit, there’s never been a better time to celebrate the beauty, history and culture of this majestic country. In addition to our holiday deals, here are 10 brilliant reasons to visit Edinburgh 2014:

Mammas Pizza Review

In a city full of restaurants, especially Italian restaurants it is easy to find a great thin crust Italian pizza, but what about American style pizza? Well really there is only one place to go, and that is Mamma’s Pizza! Located in the Grassmarket, not far from the Vie Amhor HQ this pizza restaurant is an institution in the city having being in business for 25 years.