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Edinburgh Harry Potter Tour

If you love Harry Potter, then a visit to the fair city of Edinburgh is an absolute must. The old town where our apartments are located is the birthplace of the famous wizard and you can easily explore the area by foot so why not take a tour of the area and learn more about how Harry Potter came to be.

In this posting we learn about the Potter Trail; a free tour that takes place in the old town.

1. Tell us how did the idea for Potter Trail come about?

The idea for the Potter Trail came about in 2011. Our founder Stuart, already a tour guide by profession and a massive fan of the Harry Potter series, noticed that there was no tour in Edinburgh that covered the true extent of J.K. Rowling’s journey and influences in writing the books. So he donned a robe, grabbed his wand and started the tour! The rest is history.

2. What can people expect on the tour?

The tour leads people around the Old Town of Edinburgh, visiting the places which inspired elements of the Harry Potter series, and also the locations in which J.K. Rowling wrote some of the earlier books. We also cover a bit of history of the real life witches and wizards of Edinburgh. Everyone is handed a wand for the duration of the tour, which features occasional magical interaction. The tour lasts for approximately 75 minutes, and witches, wizards and muggles of all ages are very welcome.

3. What are the costs, time and how often do you run tours?

The tour is entirely, 100%, totally free. That’s right! We will, however, pass round a Sorting Hat at the end of the tour to collect tips. We should note that tipping is entirely optional, and if you’d like to show your support for the tour, we only ask that you give what you felt the tour was worth.

We run free tours several times a week, all at 5pm. Our latest dates and times can be found on our website.

We also run private tours for a time that’s convenient for you. Whether you’re a couple who can’t make the free tour, a family who want a personalised experience, or a birthday/stag/hen party, we’ll try and find a time to show you the Harry Potter sights of Edinburgh. These private tours are paid, and group discounts are available. To book a private tour, or to just ask us anything, please email or visit

Written by Amanda Brown

Amanda, Director of VieAmhor, is a local Edinburgher through and through. Amanda spends her weekends dining out, drinking cocktails and hanging with her three boys (the four-legged, furry variety).

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