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DemijohnDemijohn was set up by Angus and Frances Ferguson in 2004. Angus was originally in the army but decided to swap his khaki uniforms for the olive groves of Italy and the raspberry fields of Scotland. Along with his wife Frances they were enthused by the many home-grown or small producers who make delicious and remarkable products. They both loved the continental method of selling wines and olive oils direct from a large vat and realised there was a gap in the market for this type of selling in the UK. No-one had started a purely liquid deli and it has captured the tastebuds of any discerning foodie.

What makes you special? Demijohn is the UK’s first liquid deli and is the only place where you can buy artisanal liquids, predominantly made in the UK direct from large demijohns. Each product is sourced for its superior taste, provenance and the fact that they are all natural. The Demijohn staff are passionate about the products and visiting the Demijohn shop is better than an evening down the pub. The staff will talk you through the products, allow you to taste and then decant your choice into a reusable bottle of the size and shape that you like.

What is your best seller? Our very first product was Raspberry Vodka and it remains our best seller. Made in East Lothian by two retired teachers it is delicious on its own, poured over ice cream, served with Champagne to make a special Kir Royale or as the basis to many Demijohn cocktails.

What is your favourite? While our Demijohn products are all some of my favourite things, and that is why we stock them, I have to confess to being particularly fond of our gins. I also particularly like marmalade. The combination of taste therefore in our Seville Orange Gin 26%, of both marmalade and gin, really hits the spot, however, our Gooseberry Gin Liqueur 17% with its tart taste comes a very close second!

Describe your clientele? Our clientele come from far and wide and are anyone who enjoys fine food and wine. Once people understand the Demijohn concept they will keep returning to re-fill their bottles and buy presents for family and friends. We have many overseas visitors who take our products home so they are consumed in Australia, Japan, the US and Europe but our largest following is based here in Edinburgh.

Have you ever served a celeb, local hero or any other good customer stories? We are very lucky to have a tremendous following of enthusiastic customers of all shapes, sizes and notoriety. We treat everyone the same who visits us which creates a very relaxed and fun experience. Recognising when you are in the presence of greatness is often difficult and I have to admit to being the worst at it in the Company.

On one occasion in the early years of our Edinburgh Shop when I was helping out after a busy day in the run up to Christmas, I entertained a group of young men. They seem a lively bunch who told me they were a band who had been playing in the Liquid Rooms across the street. They were eager to buy some Christmas presents for their Mums as their hectic tour schedule gave them very little shopping time. They left happy loaded with presents. Within an instant the other member of Staff who was on that evening with me, a young lady, immediately confronted me in a slightly flustered way and asked whether I realised who the very famous band had been. I of course had no clue at all and still don’t…… At least their Mums were all to have super Christmas presents that year!

Provide a rough idea of costs for basic products. Demijohn’s spirits start from £3.80/100 ml and the bottles are priced from £2.60. The fruit vinegars are priced from £1.80/100ml and the oils from £1.40/100ml.

32 Victoria St, Edinburgh EH1 2JW
Tel: 0845 604 8350