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Edinburgh Castle

Perched on Castle Rock, an extinct volcano, Edinburgh Castle is a mighty fortress dominating the skyline of our city of Edinburgh and is a powerful national symbol, separating the old and the new town of Edinburgh and an important part of the World Heritage Site.

History of Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle was the home of Scottish royalty including Mary Queen of Scots, James the IV and Charles I, with each leaving their own magnificent additions to the castle buildings such as the 12th-century St Margaret’s Chapel, David’s Tower and the Great hall of James IV In 1566.

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Always the centre if the tensions between the English and Scottish monarchies Edinburgh Castle was always under a constant threat. He who had the Castle had the keys to the City and therefor Scotland so you can see why this beautiful Castle had to keep her guard up.

The first major recorded battle was during the late 13th century when Edward I tried to conquer the Scottish to take the then vacant throne. Between 1296 and 1341 our beautiful Castle bounced back and forth between Scottish and English hands several times causing a great deal of damage to our girl.  Most of the reconstruction was overseen by David II. In his honour, David’s Tower was erected.

During the 18th and 19th Edinburgh Castle was used to hold military prisoners from England’s many wars. The castle became a national monument in 1814 after a mass prison break proved that the castle could not hold prisoners. During the 19th and early 20th centuries, the castle was slowly restored. Military ceremonies began to be held there and, in 1927, part of the castle was turned into the Scottish National War Memorial.

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