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shop2There are so many events happening around the city of Edinburgh that it’s hard to keep track of them all, particularly the more local ones – which are often the best!

We speak with Richard from GreatGrog to find out about some of the up and coming beer and wine festivals.

Tell us about your business: We are an independent Wine Merchant in Edinburgh. I set up the business back in 1999. After working as a brand manager and product trainer for Oddbins for a lot of years I wanted a new challenge that I could be in control of and put my many years of experience to good use. I’ve always had a passion for wine and not only love to drink and taste it but I have qualifications that show I know my stuff. I think the fact that I hold the record for the heaviest bottle bank in my street shows how dedicated to the cause I am!

What makes Great Grog special? Personal touch & enjoyment of the product
What is your best seller? Prosecco Ca’ Bolani Spumante £9.79, we sell mountains of it

Which wine is your own personal favourite?
Delicious South African white, “Handmade” Chenin Blanc @ £7.75

GreatGrog hosts a number of events throughout the year

GROG’S Legendary Bottled Beer Festival
Saturday 26th April 2014, 1-6pm, at the Cafe Camino Little King Street, Edinburgh
It is a boggling beery heaven.
£10 gets you as many samples as you can imagine (100+).
Beer will be available to purchase on the day. There will also be some interesting draught available. Call the Grog BottleShop 0131 667 2855 for Tickets.
200 Tickets available (be warned, the last two events sold out very quickly)

GROG’S Springy Wine Festival
Friday 23rd May 2014, 6-8.30pm, at the Merchant’s Hall
It is a biggy, 220 tickets, 100+ wines wander around UN-Tutored tasting.
Tickets £16 (redeemable against a case of wine purchase!) call 0131 555 0222 for tickets.

Have you ever served a celeb, local hero or any other good customer stories?
Palacial deliveries…Mike Tindall @ Balmoral, Princess Anne @ Holyrood. Can’t say anymore!

For VieAmhor guests having a quiet night in please can you provide an idea of costs and how to order.

Wines from about a fiver, order via
We offer free UK wide delivery on any mixed box of wines.

The has everything by the single bottle for collection

Contact Details:
Grog Warehouse,
17 East Cromwell Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6HD, Scotland.
tel 0131 555 0222

Grog “Bottle Shop”
2 Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh, Scotland.
TEL 0131 667 2855.