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Mr Woods Fossils

9684c0780d5567c9_Charente-stephanocerasMr Wood’s Fossils was established by Stan Wood, a famous Edinburgh fossil hunter, in 1987. He had made a series of internationally important finds throughout Scotland and had a lot of visitors keen to see his collection. This prompted him to open the shop, in the city’s historic Grassmarket.

What makes you special? There aren’t many fossil shops around, and Mr Wood’s Fossils has gradually gained a reputation as one of the best. We take care to find the best quality material at great prices, travelling abroad to trade fairs to source our stock. Over 26 years we’ve developed a fantastic range, and we’re always looking to add to what we can offer.

What is your best seller? Our most popular lines include shark and dinosaur teeth, fossil fish and ammonites, trilobites, meteorites, and fossil jewellery. We also sell a lot of the more brightly coloured minerals, such as chalcopyrite, green calcite, rose quartz and fool’s gold.

What is your favourite? I like the teeth – there’s something special about holding a dinosaur tooth in your hand, or the enormous tooth of the megalodon, a shark the size of a sperm whale.

Describe your clientele? The shop draws a wide range of customers, from the collector, the geologist, the curious to someone looking for an interesting and pretty present. There is plenty of choice for kids with their pocket money, lots to choose at gift prices, and we try to ensure there are always a few things at the other end of the scale, to make a memorable impression.

Have you ever served a celeb, local hero or any other good customer stories? During the Fringe we usually get a few celebrities in; particularly comedians. Dawn French, and then later her partner in comedy Jennifer Saunders, were both very interested in how the business works, where we source our stock and the stories behind individual pieces.

Provide a rough idea of costs for basic products? Prices range from under a pound for little tumbled stones or a piece of dinosaur bone, to as much as $3,500 for some of the more spectacular fossil pieces, but most of our sales are between ten to 100 pounds or so. We have lots of minerals at under ten pounds, and meteorites go from as little as five pounds to a few hundred.

Mr Wood’s Fossils, 5 Cowgatehead, Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 1JY.
0131 220 1344 –​

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